STEP Richmond



Our Mission:


Developing strategies to defeat poverty in the lives of our urban neighbors in Richmond, Virginia.


Our Goals

Build community that looks like God’s Kingdom - diverse, sacrificial, personal.

Mobilize churches in Richmond to effectively serve their neighbors in Gilpin Court.

To see Richmond’s poor find the love and hope that can only come from knowing Jesus.

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Where We Serve



housing units in gilpin court

Gilpin Court is the largest public (or government) housing community in Richmond.




As of 2018, 56% of Gilpin Court residents were reported to be between 0 and 17 years old. There are probably more.



average household income

We have work to do.


Our Programs

We have been serving this community for over 35 years. Our staff and volunteers are known by and have real relationships with Gilpin Court residents through a variety of programs.


jobs for life | adults

Imagine your family has been in government housing for generations. Your neighbors and your whole community are in government housing. You have no friends outside of government housing, much less a mentor who can show you practical steps to secure a steady job. This is where the Church comes in.


Summer in Gilpin Court means stuck at home (as it’s too dangerous physically to be outside), watching whatever the internet throws at a kid while mom is at work. It’s dangerous spiritually. We strive to bring hope and direction through our summer enrichment program with activities like woodworking, field trips to museums and farms, financial programs with Junior Achievement, a Vacation Bible School, AND MORE!

victory reading | children

Statistics show that children who are read to at a young age will grow to be better readers themselves, and we know that reading can unlock a child to endless possibilities - possibilities outside of Gilpin Court. Young Richmonders between kindergarten and third grade are given the chance to do just this 4 days a week!


Throughout the year there are seasonal opportunities to serve the Gilpin Court community. Before school starts in September we have a resource fair which includes distributing backpacks with school supplies. Every December our Christmas Store sells toys at a discounted rate. All of these programs would not exist without our volunteers - from Gilpin Court and across Richmond!


is god calling you?

It wasn’t until we moved to a Richmond city neighborhood that I began to tangibly see the effects of social injustice, poverty, and racism. The weight of this blight collided with my Christian faith in a powerful way. How could I truly live a Gospel life without a personal commitment to my brothers and sisters in need?

-Lilli Benko, Jobs for Life mentor with STEP / Read Full Article



Get Involved

We have faith Richmond is being redeemed, and at STEP Richmond it starts in Gilpin Court. Where there is poverty we pray for flourishing. Where there is loneliness we pray for community. Where there is restlessness we pray for direction. And we know this faith, without works, is dead (James 2).

So…. we work. Will you join us?


Gilpin court Residents

Do you live in Gilpin Court? It can be difficult. We provide resources for adults and children that bring hope practically and spiritually. You don’t have to serve the God we do, so never hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear more of your story and how we might join you in it.

Volunteer opportunities

Do you live in the Richmond area? Do you serve Jesus as Lord? We want to talk to you. Before you were born, God has prepared good works for you to do (Ephesians 2). Let’s see if it’s here! There are more options than we can fit on the website, so please reach out.

Make a Donation

If you can cheerfully give to our work (2 Corinthians 9), we welcome any value of financial contributions - be it $5 or $55,000. We serve a God who can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine (Ephesians 3), so don’t underestimate the impact of your gift!