STEP Richmond
At 28 years old I thought I was too young to mentor another adult. ‘They need a manager or CEO to mentor,’ I thought. I quickly realized how much of my life I took for granted. Someone taught me to wear a blazer to an interview. Someone taught me to focus on networking over applications. My mentee had not yet had that luxury.
— -Katherine Hodges, Jobs for Life Mentor


If you’re asking if we need you, the answer is probably “yes”. Life is different in Gilpin Court. Read the quote above and you’ll realize you have more to offer than you would have ever guessed. We serve a God who left Heaven (paradise!) to be with us and enter into the sorrow of our world, but He did it for the JOY set before Him (Hebrews 12). There may be some learning curves for you when volunteering, but we truly believe you will find joy you won’t experience anywhere else. And we’ll train you! That’s why we’re here!

So if you are interested (you don’t have to be sure!) in volunteering in ANY capacity please fill out the form below. We’ll be in touch soon!

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Volunteer Opportunities

  • Mentor with Jobs for Life

  • Mentor for Victory Reading

  • Cook or Coordinate a Meal

  • Various Event Help, like at our Christmas Store or Fundraising Banquet

  • Administrative/Office Work

  • Information Technology Work

  • Photography Work

  • Graphic Design Work

  • Ministry Support

  • We work with your availability, so if you are passionate about our work but don’t have much availability, still give us a call. One business owner even volunteers his Marketing Manager to do communications work for us one afternoon a month. The Lord may not have even put in our minds yet a creative way you can volunteer. Contact us, and let’s pray together to discern the works He prepared in advance for you to do (Ephesians 2)!